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General Legal Disclaimer

The information contained in this Day Company website is for general reference and informational purposes only. Day Company or any affiliate or related entity or person ("Day Company") creating, operating or otherwise handling the information on this website assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions of the contents herein.

In no event shall Day Company be held liable for any special, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental or any other damages either in contract, tort or negligence as a result or arising out of the use of this website or the information contained herein.

Day Company reserves the right without prior notice to change, correct, add and/or modify any content contained within the website or documents originating from Day Company itself that are either directly on the website or accessed via a link or other directional means.

Day Company does not guarantee that the website or any contracted or service provider website is free from viruses or other malicious or damaging software, code, link or other computer language related action or program.

External Links Disclaimer

This website (Day Company) may contain links to other websites or information, for which Day Company assumes no risk or liability for such information, reliability or soundness.

Copyright, Trademark and Service Mark Information

All the information originating from Day Company on this website or documents that originate from Day Company are copyrighted material and may not be copied in whole or in part, other than with the express consent of Day Company, which must be given in writing beforehand.

The Day Company Logo, a Diamond shape placed in front of the word "Day" with the word "Company" below or after the word "Day", and its graphic depiction based on font type, size and coloring, whether black, blue or another color, is a Trade Mark of Day Company. The series of words "Quality. Value. Reliability." is a Service Mark of Day Company, yet implies or confers no guarantee in regards to those specific words, and are human ideals to which Day Company staff and associates strive to represent and embody.

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